Monday, 31 December 2012

cape breton pervert

My ex. He groped everyone he could at the gay bar. I introduced him to the world of gay, for when he left his daughters fat mother, he say he never cheated. But a week before our 1yr anniversary, he cheated on me with his friend, a straight friend, matthew skinner. Sucked his dick. And I stayed. Took me 2 yrs to blow up and end it. He wanted to have sex with his daughters english boyfriend. Tried to get the 18 yr old drunk. did i mention alvin is 46yrs old? I put up with his lies and games and let him control me. He made fun of me to his family and laughed at me, a faggot queer bitch. He sat at my friends house while on vacation with me and talked about sucking some crazy fag. He wanted to do anyone he wanted. Even his own nephews. Dale. And Brandon. He told his nephew dale he wants to suck him off, got him to piss with him, to see his dick. He grabbed his 2osomething nephew's ass, and masturbates over sex with his young male family.
A mean sex obsessed pervert.

Friday, 2 March 2012

therealbryon Twitter Popular Mini Quotes

Gay In The CIty @therealbryon
1)Time waits for no one….just like owing $ to a bookie…it ll hurt more the longer u put it off..

2)Holy Richard Simmons!  Is that an infection, or did you eat all the Tim Hortons from Vancouver to Halifax?…

3)Its valentines, u can tell by the velvet handcuff cover shortage in town..even freaks like it soft today..

4)Rupaul didn’t die…who named u queen?…

5)Ladies..he is a ‘mo when he gushes over ur new pumps..n says ur just like Carrie Bradshaw..

A Man Rant

So, Honey Badger (she selected the name, I liked it) and I got to comparing some notes on our men.  Honey reminisced on her ex, and I, on you guessed it, Mr. Str8, about the annoying behaviour of some  men’s video game addiction…
Honey: Tell everyone about our rant (laughing)
Me: So Str8 has picked up another  Playstation video game. He came down for weekend.  I worked on the Sunday, so we confirmed, on the way into town in the morning, that I was off at 6:30.  He said he would leave at 6:20.  I texted him after 6pm.  After I was walking to meet him, I get a text “u off at 6:30 or 7:30?”  He got caught up playing this game, and was over 30 minutes late… not impressed.  Then, the very next night we agreed to meet at the market.  I texted him ten minutes away from the store.  He showed up late, 20 minutes later.  Oh, and why you may ask?  Yup, frickin video game!  Was I a happy princess?  Not so much.  He being a j-a, laughed it off. Men!
Marla: (laughs)

Marla: (laughs)
Honey: Ya, A-H would play his video games all night, for hours, and stay up late, even though he had to be up at 6am, he would play past 1am!  stupid.
Me: Right?  And ok, if that’s not bad enough, I leave Str8 for the day, and know he is on that blasted thing all day, and when I get home, there are dishes, and  bags and wrappers all over my counter like some junk food atom bomb went off!  It’s not like there is a garbage can under the sink, oh no, that one just leaves a mess like a teenage junkie!
Honey: (laughing) I know, they lose all sense, wasting their time.
Me: Trust me, just like Carlie said, we could strip off and do a lap dance and get pushed away like we don’t exist.  Zombies the lot of em.
Honey: Why are men like that?
Marla: Men are like overgrown kids.
Me: More or less. I don’t get it.  If I don’t respond to Str8 when he wants me to, I get flack! Now, ladies, you have to understand men are designed by biology to be the hunter.  So they hunt, watch sports, play video games or build things to keep them active, no longer the caveman that actually brought back the bacon.  Housework, cooking and cleaning, that is not a man’s job.  Do they not realize, but not paying attention and doing what we want, that they make it worse for them?
Honey: That pisses me off, because when I used to try to get him to bed, he would bitch and complain, and sulk.  (laughing)  Hey, wait, but you are still a man.. so…
Me: Gurl, I i-dent-ify…it’s not my fault God gave me the pole and not the valley.  It is a wonderful curse… I get to…
Honey: And that is where you should end this rant before it get’s triple x… Say ‘see you later’
Me:….oh… (pout) men.. I will leave it at that… see you all later..

We all have things that annoy us, and we can annoy our partners.  But for love, we may complain, but at the end of the day, we secretly look back and laugh.  It’s the little things that make a relationship.  No one is perfect.